Re-Imagine: the future of fashion.

Update: onderstaande inschrijving is gesloten. Inmiddels is de collectie gemaakt voor 5 geselecteerde ontwerpers!


Dear future fashion-designers;

Do you also think the fashion industry needs to be reformed? Do you have a vision of how things can be done differently? Do you dare to make a mini-collection of 5 outfits, made of 100% discarded textiles? Sign up now for the Re-Imagine collection of Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) ReShare.

Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) ReShare & Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week are looking for 5 starting designers who want to reshape the future of fashion design. Fast fashion reigns supreme and takes its toll on people and the environment. This has to change! What if clothing is designed as if it were permanent? Like a tattoo. How would this affect the design process? Or can a garment also be multi-functional? For different occasions or seasons by, for example, detachable parts. And how do you design what is already there with material, instead of at the very beginning?

We want to show the answers to these questions together with you in a 100% circular collection under the name "Re-Imagine". We have used textiles, ready for a new destination, and you have the passion and skills to make something new out of it. Let's join forces.

The entire collection will be presented during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2022. From the 5 designers we choose one winner that we will announce during the show. In addition to the honor, the winning designer will receive extra rewards, which will be announced later.

So: are you the designer of the future with a unique vision on sustainable, circular fashion? Mail us before 6 May 2022 via with:

  • Your motivation to participate in this project and your vision on the future of fashion design;
  • A sketch of your idea for your Re-Imagine collection;
  • Materials you like to work with;
  • Possibly a portfolio.

What we offer:

  • Materials to work with;
  • Connection of your name to Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) ReShare and Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week;
  • Bringing your designs to the attention of your network and media;
  • Opportunities to sell and show designs after the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week;
  • Opportunities to continue working with us after this project;
  • A great way to establish yourself as a starting designer within the world of sustainable fashion design.

Can you Re-Imagine the future of fashion?

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